I had a request for Africa by Toto. In spite of myself I became a little obsessed. So here is a video of my arrangement for harp from my low tech small Brooklyn apt.

Experience a true electric solid body harp with everything that turns back ground music into a Soundscape straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

I have all analog effects, a wonderful purple CAMAC harp with a matching purple sparkle Ampeg amplifier and the knowledge and attitude to make your event, concert or opening stand out.

The musician I work with are all amazing artists-not cookie cutter background music performers.

Here are some examples from YouTube.

Soundscape from the main stage of the Abron Arts Center

Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring live at the Box in NYC

the DIO Classic Rainbow in the Dark from the Gramercy Hotel

and my 1998 Rock Band Vardo with pictures from the Williamsburg McCarren Park Pool when it was cool and empty!

Here is a link to a Beautiful Record I did that was released in Europe.

I am so excited to be playing with Brandee Younger and the NYC Harp Orchestra on Saturday and Sunday. We are playing traditional Irish tunes, a improvisational sound piece and of course Brandee will be playing adding a jazz solo! It is free and not to be missed.

Here is the link with all the info-http://www.wavehill.org/events/performance-fairy-harp-circle/

It is FREE and there will be supplies for kids (and adults) to make fairy wands and fairy castles!


A Fairy Harpist!

In this concert Susan Allen, Michael Evans, Masami Tomihisa and I will take the road less traveled and surround our audience with the pure unamplfied tones of 2 Harps, 2 Marimbas and a prepared Celeste. I truly cannot wait to play this one in this amazing space.

My teacher, mentor and friend (and one of the best gosh darn harpists in the world) Susan Allen is flying in for a rare NYC appearance. After we break the ice with a few composed works we will see exactly what mentor, student and musical friends have to say to each other.

Here is the more official write up on Facebook-



Susan Allen                                                         http://susanallenharpist.com

Michael Evans                                                   http://www.michaelevanssounds.com/about

covert info about agent Lary Seven              http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Lary_7/

Flyer designed by Mia Theodoratus. I did cheat and had an unnamed computer gentleman help with layout.

The back details. A more formal description of the amazing delights to be had on Nov 26th, 2012



Felix over at Gargain records has finally released a 7 inch of Soft Focus featuring Jimmi Tenor, Lary Seven and me (Mia Theodoratus!). I have a few copies and there are still some for sale in Germany. You can hop over the pond and get one which is more romantic and full of adventure or you can purchase it here-


Songs filled with yearning of a time that seems to bear no relation to our present day; is it the future or the past? Nobody knows. Nostalgic sounds merged with foreign melodies, seductive and poised at the same time. Soft Focus consists of the post-afrofuturist Jimi Tenor, the harpist Mia Theodoratus, and the sound-sculpturer Lary Seven. The Trio seduces us into a world between a forbidden planet and a chinese opium salon.

One side: Emergence Delirium (4:15)
Other side: Sleep Terrors 2 (4:04)

cover of the Soft Focus 7 inchSoft Focus – Emergence Delirium

The NYC Harp Orchestra will have its first Christmas concert on Monday Dec 10 at Theatre 80 St. Marks, 80 St Marks between 1st and 2nd ave. It will be an evening of harps, song and dance and fun! tickets will be $10

Where to go after Lincoln Center-Play main stage at the Westerleigh Folk Festival! Nine members of the NYC Harp Orchestra showed up and we put on a Celtic variety show that would make Celtic Woman Proud. We were invited to play the Snug Harbor festival in May and I hope we will perfect our ensemble to grace many stages with harp mayhem in 2013.nyc harp orchestra westfest 2012.rcproject

scarbough fair and brian boru

Russell Brown in mid air as I harp

so it is hard to get all the NYC harp orchestra harpists in one shot!

The NYC Harp Orchestra had our first concert=at Lincoln Center Outdoors! We played after the rain and had a great time. The next show will have the complete group. We had a great time and inspired and bewitched a wonderful audience.

The Sally Garden in the Garden

Here we are doing Brian Boru

David and I played by invitation for President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.  I wish I could start everyday with Pipes and Drums? David and I played a short program with Irish Eyes are Smiling, Danny Boy and the Lepreachan. David has one of the rare soaring voices and playing with him felt like being on a cloud (ok, I am harpist so I can use an angel metaphor!).

We got great coverage from the LA Times to the Huffington Post


Video of Mia and David playing for President Obama

What is better than playing harp all summer?

Well, that is easy-Playing harp all Summer in a beautiful French Villa with International harpist and improviser Susan Allen and learning how to turn improvisation in to composition. The real world functions like this-some show or movie needs original cleared harp music in about 2 hours. Recorded professionally and ready to go… I was really lucky that I had studied with Susie because otherwise when I got the call I would not have been ready.

I am going to write more, but the course is reasonably priced and includes harps (most places charge), amazing food and some of the best views in the world.


Here is the link-



Hope to see you there!!!