Felix over at Gargain records has finally released a 7 inch of Soft Focus featuring Jimmi Tenor, Lary Seven and me (Mia Theodoratus!). I have a few copies and there are still some for sale in Germany. You can hop over the pond and get one which is more romantic and full of adventure or you can purchase it here-


Songs filled with yearning of a time that seems to bear no relation to our present day; is it the future or the past? Nobody knows. Nostalgic sounds merged with foreign melodies, seductive and poised at the same time. Soft Focus consists of the post-afrofuturist Jimi Tenor, the harpist Mia Theodoratus, and the sound-sculpturer Lary Seven. The Trio seduces us into a world between a forbidden planet and a chinese opium salon.

One side: Emergence Delirium (4:15)
Other side: Sleep Terrors 2 (4:04)

cover of the Soft Focus 7 inchSoft Focus – Emergence Delirium

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