My new adventures on a 1837 Dital Harp by Edward Light. It is slightly restored…..

I bought this amazing obsolete instrument by Edward Light and made in London during the high regency on a whim with a low bid at an auction five years ago. I have played instruments from the 1800s and knew the nylon wrapped strings were not the right tension and could damage it. I search for information, but the others who play didn’t respond. I loosed the strings and just set it aside.

When Covid Quarantine hit, I pulled out my string gauge, a bunch of gut strings and figured it out. I strung it low tension to make sure I didn’t damage it.

The Dital harp is awkward, finicky and it is difficult to express yourself-but I was hooked. It is a quiet sound that is lovely and I believe it expresses a moment of time in the Regency. I am also working on a hand sewn Regency gown because…well, to quote Oscar Wilde “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess”

Please contact me for concerts, lectures and events that highlight this amazing instrument!