Teaching is one of my passions. I love seeing student grow and learn how to express themselves. I am constantly improving my skills and have studied with Susan Allen, Jeanne Chalifoux, Alice Chalifoux, Gloria Agostini, Amiya Dasgupta and Jody Guinn. In addition I am a certified  Suzuki teacher by  Mary Kay Waddington. I do what I call an alternative method and add traditional etudes and playing by ear.

I have started harp programs the Irish Arts Center. I also teach at Mozartina in Tarrytown, NY and at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxdale and travel to student’s homes.

Irish Arts Center

This is a group class that takes place at the Irish Arts Center located on West 51st between 10th and 11th Ave. This is a great first step if you are not sure about becoming  a harpist. The course is eight weeks and meets on Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm. It is a mixed level course and includes many skill levels from those brushing up to students who have never had any music lessons. We cover basic hand positioning, rhythm, chord positions and how to accompany melodies. Harps are available to rent.


Watch my students play after the eight week course:



I teach a modified Salzado method infused with a healthy measure of Renie. I believe that playing harp should not be unnatural and work with each student to ensure a relaxed technique. I started out as a classical player and placed in several competitions, played in orchestras and premiered new music works.

Celtic/Irish Harp

Small Irish or Celtic harps are magical and require a more creative outlook than a concert grand. I specialize in teaching how to play and interpret Irish and Celtic folk music while creating your own harmonic language. I encourage students to go to some of the wonderful Irish sessions in NYC!

The NYC Harp Orchestra directed by Mia Theodoratus was created to have a good time. The membership is rotating and it a musical democracy with musicians choosing their parts and the tunes. We meet Mondays at 7 at Theatre 80 St Marks between 1st and 2nd ave at 80 St. Marks in NYC. Most of the members are Mia’s students, but anyone is welcome. We are a nonTraditional Celtic group that plays from memory.

Our music ranges from Irish, Welsh and popular folk songs. Please contact me if you would like to join and play with us!


I am available to lead workshops. I specialize in improvisations based on the work of John Cage, Butch Morris and Adam Rudolf. I also add concepts from my work in rock bands, improvisational groups and Celtic.

Past workshops- Guided Improvisation using Butch Morris’ Conduction, Irish harp workshops with Ann Heymann, Cormac DeBarra and Patrick Ball, and with disabled students in the NYC school system.

Contact Information

Telephone: (917) 696-2314 or email: info@miatheodoratus.com