In this concert Susan Allen, Michael Evans, Masami Tomihisa and I will take the road less traveled and surround our audience with the pure unamplfied tones of 2 Harps, 2 Marimbas and a prepared Celeste. I truly cannot wait to play this one in this amazing space.

My teacher, mentor and friend (and one of the best gosh darn harpists in the world) Susan Allen is flying in for a rare NYC appearance. After we break the ice with a few composed works we will see exactly what mentor, student and musical friends have to say to each other.

Here is the more official write up on Facebook-


Susan Allen                                               

Michael Evans                                         

covert info about agent Lary Seven    

Flyer designed by Mia Theodoratus. I did cheat and had an unnamed computer gentleman help with layout.

The back details. A more formal description of the amazing delights to be had on Nov 26th, 2012



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